What I love about being an artist is, Art isn’t meant to hurt anyone.
Art is used to better things, be it designing something for the public or just for ones own enjoyment. 

I believe Art and design play an important role in everything we buy today.  From the cup you choose for your coffee in the morning to the toothbrush you use at night.

I know what has been done before, how it was done, who has done it, and why it was done. Now armed with this knowledge and creative energy I get to put my creative ideas to work. 

My love of using my creative talents to please others is what drives me and gives me pleasure. I thank God for making it come so easily to me. I feel Artist of the past working through my hands when I am creating. It is this inspirational drive that makes me feel happy and secure in what I create.

I wish this kind of inspirational feeling for everyone.

Brian A Chichi
Artist & Designer